Concepts Of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) (English, Paperback, H C Verma)


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This pack comprises the first and second volumes of Concepts Of Physics, ideal for students who intend to qualify for competitive examinations in the fields of medicine and engineering.
Summary Of The Book
These books serve as theoretical and conceptual guides for an expansive range of topics, which are accurately and systematically presented. The pedagogy of this book comprises detailed chapter-wise explanations of theories and terminologies, followed by exemplifications and finally numerical analysis. The numerical problems, which are large in number and diverse in kind, are first worked out and then given in the form of exercises, the answers to which are also provided.
The first volume encompasses an Introduction to Physics, followed by chapters on Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work and Energy, Linear Momentum, Rotational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Light Waves, Sound Waves, Geometrical Optics, Dispersion and Spectra, Photometry, Simple Harmonic Motion, and Friction.
The second volume imparts knowledge on Heat and Temperature, Calorimetry, Laws Of Thermodynamics, Specific Heat Capacities of Gases, Gauss’s Law, Electric Current in Conductors, Semi-conductors and Semiconductor Devices, Capacitors, Magnetic Field, Photoelectric Effect, Bohr’s Model, Physics of the Atom and Nucleus, and The Theory of Relativity.
Dr. Verma’s Concepts of Physics (Set of Two Volumes), was published in the year 2011 by Bharati Bhavan and is widely acknowledged and appreciated, thanks to his step-by-step approach towards mastering a topic and the book’s vast collection of numerical problems.
About H.C. Verma
Indian-born Dr. H.C. Verma is a scientist of experimental physics, an author, and a lecturer of nuclear science.
Dr. Verma has also authored many educational books like Quantum Physics, Foundation Science: Physics For Class 9, and Dominion Status Vs Complete Independence. His next book, which deals with electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics, is under publication and is written based on his experience in teaching a Physics course at IIT Kanpur.
Dr. Verma graduated from IIT Kanpur with a doctorate degree, and began working as a lecturer at Patna University, after which he was appointed as a Reader. Although he has published sundry articles on various topics, his research interest lies mainly in material applications and condensed matter. His interests extend to even Earth Science Problems like meteorites and extinction boundaries, and he’s currently working on nanocrystalline magnetic materials and alloy systems.
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Concepts Of Physics (Set of 2 Volume)  (English, Paperback, H C Verma)
Concepts Of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) (English, Paperback, H C Verma)


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